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Artist Statement

I am a narrative photographer at heart. Much of my work embodies the tenets of staged photography, where objects and figures are arranged to create a fictionalized tableau. Through these staged compositions, I aim to tell a story with each photograph. Psychoanalytic theory grounds my work across several projects. In my practice, I excavate and illuminate the narratives of dreams, memories, forgotten family history, colonialism, and violence through feminist and Freudian lenses. Fittingly, the photographic process echoes psychoanalysis, a practice that reveals suppressed thoughts and neurosis. Photography is an an act of illumination, a process that documents, proves, and fixes the unseen, the intangible, and the fleeting. Inspired by Surrealist art and paintings from the Romantic period, I often photograph in a large format and digitally edit, collage, and combine disparate imagery to create the resulting narrative photograph.


Alison Erazmus (b. 1983) is a visual artist, fine art photographer, and curator originally from the flat agricultural landscape of northern Illinois. She is currently based in Saint Louis, Missouri. She has exhibited her work at galleries and museums across the country, including at the South Bend Museum of Art, The Silverspace Gallery, the Cedarhurst Center for the Arts, the Evansville Museum, Art Saint Louis, the New Harmony Gallery of Contemporary Art, the A Smith Gallery, and the Darkroom Gallery. Her work has been included in several juried group exhibitions, including the “Of Memory, Myth, and Bone” annual juried photography exhibition, Light Leaked's "Travel" online exhibition, and the “Holga and Friends” annual exhibition. She recently attended the Kimmel Harding Nelson Center for the Arts residency. Currently, her multimedia (photography, video and sound art) project "Excavations" is part of a two-person exhibition, "In the Dirt," which is on display at the Osage Art Center.

She welcomes clients for portrait photography (especially family and pet portraits), architecture photography, interior design photography, and branding photography.

Recent Exhibitions/Events

Winter 2021:

Don't Smile exhibition, Did That Just Happen

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