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Rose Cyanotypes, painted with watercolors

$75.00 USD

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These original cyanotypes depict roses picked fresh from my street. Cyanotypes are a light sensitive photographic process discovered in the early 19th century by Sir John Herschel. To start the process, I coated watercolor paper with liquid cyanotype chemistry and let it dry in a dark room overnight. Then, I exposed the paper, with the roses pressed onto the surface of the paper, to sunlight. After a few minutes of exposure to direct sunlight I rinsed the print in water and voila! The result is a silhouette of the roses. I painted the cyanotypes with watercolor paints to fill in the interior of the rose silhouette and to add some beautiful pink and green colors. I adhered the resulting pieces to wooden blocks with PVA glue and added a saw tooth hanging hardware to the back. Each piece is a signed and titled on the back of the work. My original cyanotypes are one-of-a-kind monoprints and reflect the hand of the artist with each brushstroke. I want to sell each for $70 or $250 for the entire set of four. If you want all four, you get 30 dollars off. They look beautiful individually or all together.

To purchase individuals, Rose 1 is in the top left corner, Rose 2 is top right. Rose 3 is bottom left and Rose 4 is bottom right.

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